Zar-Dari State of Jiyalistan

  THE JIYALAS have always demonstrated an outlook. The Pakistan’s history guides us that the PPP_flagday, they enter into President House and Prime Minister House, they think the whole Pakistan is theirs; a Jiyala Pakistan or Jiyalistan. The jobs, benefits, contracts, police and police stations, bureaucracy and the government offices and above all the judiciary all are their property.

 2008828131857100621_5Thanks to civil society, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf (PTI) and above all our Media, especially Jang Group of Newspapers-they all have helped us get an independent judiciary. Their efforts for the restoration judiciary, being sacked by the then dictator Gen. Musharraf, have started yielding results. One such positive outcome is the failure of Jiyala Judges’ project which could have been successful, had we not been able to restore our chief Justice and judges.


 The story by Usman Manzoor in The News narrates why the PPP’s government was reluctant to restore the judiciary. The NRO wasn’t the only problem-thus the issue were more complicated. The investigative reporting by The News under the leadership of veteran and brave journalist Ansar Abbasi has let us know much of the hidden agendas of our so-called leaders.

 The news story reads;

 The popular saying ‘old habits die hard’ truly fits in the case of the Punjab governor, who recently moved a list of seven ‘Jiyala lawyers’ to the chief justice of the Lahore High Court as ‘recommendations received in the Governor’s Secretariat’ for the slots of judges of the LHC…….The chief justice not only rejected the governor’s nominees but also expressed his displeasure over the violation of the Constitution because the summary for appointment of lawyers for the slots of judges had to be initiated from the office of the LHC chief justice.

The conditions of to be appointed judges are honesty, uprightness and professionalism. But the report informs us that “High courts of the country were stuffed with ‘Jiyala’ judges earlier this year when Abdul Hameed Dogar was the chief Justice. One of them even chanted the ‘Jiye Bhutto’ slogan soon after taking oath as judge of the LHC.

 I invite my blogger friends and visitor of my blog to please see the credentials and decide whether such persons should be appointed as judges to the high courts or any court established for the rule of law and justice?

Latif_Khosa The list of seven lawyers sent by the Punjab governor included advocates Mian Sarfraz Hassan, Muhammad Abid Saqi, Jehanzeb Khan Bharwana, Syed Mutahir Ali Naqvi, Mumtaz Mustafa, Khwaja Tariq Sohail and Azhar Siddique.



  • Mian Sarfraz Hassan has remained president of the People’s Lawyers’ Forum (PLF), a body of lawyers affiliated with the PPP and is a famous activist of the PPP in Lahore.   
  • Abid Hussain Saqi has remained the president of PLF in Lahore and is currently serving as deputy attorney-general in Lahore. He also remained general secretary of the LHCBA. Abid Saqi, apart from his affiliation with the PPP, was embroiled in a controversy when he provided shelter to the daughter of Maulana Waheed in his house. The girl had reportedly married a non-Muslim.   
  • Jahanzeb Khan Bharwana is famous in Lahore for his affiliation with the PPP  
  • Syed Mazahir Ali Naqvi is a PPP Jiyala from Gujranwala. Lawyers in Lahore say Mazahir Ali Naqvi is a competent lawyer of Gujranwala. However, the reason he was nominated as judge of the LHC was his affiliation with the PPP.    
  • Mumtaz Mustafa is from Rahim Yar Khan and is a member of the Punjab Bar Council. He also remained president Rahim Yar Khan Bar Association. He had been with Tehrik-e-Istaqlal and the PML (Functional) and is currently affiliated with the Khosa Group of the PPP.  
  • Khwaja Tariq Sohail, a diehard PPP worker, remained member of the executive committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association. To prove his loyalty to the Khosa-Naek Group, he attended Justice Dogar’s function.  
  • Azher Siddique, also a PPP supporter, has remained media adviser to Munir A Malik and Aitzaz Ahsan but deserted the lawyers’ movement.

Besides Jiyalizing the sacred institution of Judiciary the PPP’s “Politicization of the civil bureaucracy is at all-time high now, as the external influence in the bureaucratic affairs has reached an extent where the institution of civil services is about to crumble” reports Ansar Abbasi in another good story in today’s The News.

 The bureaucracy is faced with such a sorry state of affairs that the MPs and politicians are openly recommending the postings and transfers of their favorites. The dilemma is that the Prime Minister’s Secretariat is found generous in forwarding such recommendations, which are illegal under the rules, to the Establishment Division and other concerned agencies for implementation. “Politicization of bureaucracy was never like this before,” a senior PM Secretariat official said, adding it is the consequence of mounting external influence into service matters that highly embarrassing appointments are being made, which result into inter-service rivalries.

Isn’t it ridiculous to curse the bureaucracy for corruption when our politicians from the western blue-eyed party, PPP have made every effort to change our bureaucracy into a political party? In fact PPP is bent upon to change the whole country into Jiyalistan or Zar-Dari state of Jiyalistan.

  1. #1 by Rationalwords on June 27, 2009 - 3:05 pm

    This is no revelation. We all know this well and I am sorry to say but PML Q and PNL N are no exception. They all want to make us believe that we have no right over this country. This is theirs and they have the right to get every thing. Some want to convert it into Jiyalistan, some Zardaristan and other Shareefistan

  2. #2 by shanechaman on June 29, 2009 - 3:48 am

    good Story, i thank you should consider the story of 5 people killed by the police at Shorab Goth on suspect involment with TTP, the story publish in daily The News yesterday is the otherside of the picture.this is a humen right case.

  3. #3 by nadeem ahmed shaikh on June 29, 2009 - 8:49 am

    Its good I Like it I also agree with MR shanechaman and also the otherside of THE storys and pictures in swat waziristan like new issue bahawalpur its may be turn affter few month to karachi and hydrabad and others part of this country ISS MULK KA AALLHHAA HAFIZZ! ?

  4. #4 by Ali on June 29, 2009 - 12:55 pm

    The forces against development, progress and liberalism don’t want this coutry to be progressed and prosprous. The writer of this blog is one of those

  5. #5 by talkhaba on August 10, 2009 - 5:21 pm

    To the writer of this blog the progress and prosperity of country and PPP are two different things, unfortunately the propensity of Jialas has cost much to this country

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