Our Friend China is not a Friend of Chinese Muslims

China’s record abroad is very good but at home it is more than worst. Being a friend of Muslim 20097634758978580_3countries it has put strict restriction on Uighurs Muslims of the autonomous Xingjian Province. In the name of skill labor for development of area it has outbalance the demography of the once Muslim Majority Province.  The Hun Chinese with Low birth rate as compare to Muslims were 5 percent in the 60s have now climbed up to 40 percent. How and why? The most ridiculous thing is the fact that all higher education institutions teaches in Hun language which is the language of only 40 percent. Being weak in Hun language the 45 percent Muslim Uighurs are unable to read in higher education thus they are being intentionally deprived of jobs.  


Rabiye Qadeer

2008844161247621_5 The Muslim world has kept quiet. We have witnessed massive rallies against the western [Christian and Jewish] repression of European Muslims and ban on their religious duties like Parda. But why are we silent when the communist china is doing so? We can very easily declare Rebiya Kadeer the agent of west that is what I have been reading in Pakistani press especially the Urdu Press but what about the fact being shown in these two videos? What was the crime of those being killed by the Chinese police? Was it unfair to demand investigation of their Muslim brother killed by Chinese huns? Or the same happened due to the fear by Beijing that political activism in the western Muslim part will compel Chinese communist to give more rights to the Muslim in future?

China Clamps down on Uighurs

China’s Uighurs face fasting restrictions

  1. #1 by Naeem Ul Haq on July 15, 2009 - 4:53 am

    Brother You have put up the case of chinese Muslim but you can find answers to your questions in this article http://www.jasarat.com/unicode/detail.php?category=8&coluid=1380

  2. #2 by Isfahan on September 3, 2009 - 12:55 pm

    Why does the author make no mention of the fact that Uighurs murdered 146 ethnic Han in the days preceding the “crackdown”?

    Why is it that no other religions issue “fatwas” or equivalents demanding people they don’t like be killed?

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