Mr. Mirza! You started using foul language when it came to your own family. At Least Now Feel the miseries of common man

Zulfiqar_Mirza_500DIG East Zone Zafar Abbas Bukhari has resigned as a protest against the abusive language used by the Minister Interior Sindh when he got trapped in the traffic while he is on way with family. Yesterday the southern metropolitan city of Pakistan witnessed massive rallies and demonstration against the government inability to restore electricity and tackling the post rain situation.

It is no wonder if our rulers use abusive language but what irritated me is the fact that Mr. Minister came of out of his vehicle and order DSP present on the occasion to disperse the protesters. Police, then, resorted baton charge and tear-gas shelling to disperse protesters and clear the VVIP’s way. But what happened to common man who after spending a hectic day in offices passed through Numaesh Chaurangi on MA Jinnah Road. He has waited for hours as unluckily no VIP was passing through MA Jinnah Road. Same was the case with other Areas.

I just asked our interior minister that where does the administration disappear when a common commuter get trapped due demonstration? In such cases the administration seems to be disappeared by our agencies like the hundreds of missing persons who have been handed over to US.

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