The bitter Culture of intolerance costs Food Lovers their “Taste”; the bigoted PML-N Govt. decides to shut down Lahore Food Street


Gowalmandi food street gate being pulled down in Lahore. –Photo by Tariq Mahmood-Dawn

The culture of intolerance farmed by Late Z. A. Bhutto and watered by the successive governments witnessed its height in the 90 when two major ruling political parties of that decade made records of political bigotry. The marriage, in fact of inconvenience, took place in London where two parties signed Charter of democracy, gave us hope that this “mean culture” will end.

 But regrettably, PML-N has decided to not leave this characterless characteristic. Sanaullah, provincial Law minister’s statement “Punjab CM can imprison corrupt nazims” is alarming but the news of shutting down Lahore Food Street will surely deprive ten thousand of their livelihood and hundred of thousands of food.

 “Around 10,000 people, earning their livelihood at the food street, lost their last hope on IMG_9047PakistanLahoreFoodStreetThursday when the Data Gunj Bakhsh Town administration pulled down its decorative gates” Dawn reports

 ‘In fact, the rulers don’t want continuation of a project which is still being overseen by the people related to their rival party – the PML-Q. The thoroughfare is not a main artery and had become a family spot over the years,’ a PML-Q leader told reporter of Dawn.

 I would also share this SMS which a friend from Lahore forwarded to me;

 Height of PML-N’s vindictiveness: shutting down Lahore Food Street just because 2006042800110201this project is being managed and promoted by people who support PML-Q. 10,000 people will lose their livelihood. I have spent memorable evenings there with my Lahori friends. Shutting Food Street, which has earned international fame, is an abomination and travesty. Dawn says, and I believe them, contrary to PML N’s claim, no area resident has ever complained about any discomfort.  Even my foreign friends who visited Food Street remember it fondly. Please raise this issue with your friends, especially Lahoris.

Like many, when I visited Food Street last February with my family, I decided to have the taste again but not sure whether that political bitterness will let us taste the food of Lahore Food Street again or not? 

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    Thanks for the comments!

  1. Global Voices Online » Pakistan: Shutting Down Lahore Food Street

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