American Military Base in Islamabad; where is the writ of Zardari and Kiyani now?

By: Shakil Ahmad – Australia

It’s an open secret that the Americans use their embassies to conduct intelligence and covert y195827526627589operations in the host country. There is no need to go in the explanation of such operations, as we clearly understand the America is involved in anti-state activities in Pakistan. Besides the official attachments of their civil and military personnel in our establishment and cantonments, they have created a scattered network of minor covert command centres in different key locations in Pakistan. Following the attacks on some of their centres, especially the Marriot Hotel, Islamabad and Peshawar, they manipulated to have a formally protected command centre along with a military base in disguise of Embassy in Islamabad.

They secured a very precious and strategic land of 18 acres just on the very back of the Presidency, at a dirt cheap rate of Rs 1 billion only. As they want to live next to their friends, the puppy and puppet rulers of this nation. Who granted them this a land? Nobody else but our democratic leadership while ensuring their traditional commission. Following the failure of buying the Marriot Peshawar, they are going to make a state within state by building a de facto military base in disguise of an embassy, the world’s second largest American embassy in the world. It would be equipped with all necessary command, control and communication hardware along with hundreds of soldiers on this military base. And above all, it’s around the Presidency, Parliament, Secretariat and GHQ. What else they may wish for? Without firing a single bullet, they are getting a de facto control of the nerve centre of Pakistan, to take charge of Presidency, parliament and GHQ, as they did in Iraq. Where is the writ of Zardari and Kiyani now? Isn’t a seamless challenge to their so called bloody writ, which they rut every time before their own people?

What the hell an embassy is meant to do on a foreign soil. It’s only to coordinate and bridge the diplomatic ties between the two countries. But neither have they granted visas to Pakistanis easily nor do they involve in any promotion of trade and technology. Then what are they are doing? They are simply coordinating and facilitating the military operations, political manipulations bedsides sponsoring the Politicians, Generals, Journalists, Scholars and NGOs through media to destroy the socio-political and econo-religious fabric of Pakistani society. The current strength of 750 personnel in US embassy is already more than the double of its limit. Now around 1000 strategic civil and military personnel are preparing in US to report to this new military base, in disguise of an embassy in Islamabad.


The Googlearth of secret US base in Balochistan

Our civil and military leadership has turned their eyes blind to their activities. Just because they are their subordinates. The planted NRO criminals are looting and deceiving the nation in the name of democracy, whereas the sponsored military is fighting their war to eliminate all such elements resisting the American agenda, under the cover of war of terror. Who are these people? They are the traitors of this nation, who not only sacrificed the integrity, peace and prosperity but also the honour by selling the daughters of this nation to please their American masters. Just wait and see, whose daughter is the next? Don’t they deserve to be made a symbol of Ibrat?

Everybody should realize the gravity of the situation and do whatever he can in his personal, political or official capacity to rescue Pakistan. It’s a constitutional binding upon all to disobey any unconstitutional, unlawful and any such order which is against the interest of the nation. Anybody who supports such a sponsored leadership, due to his personal liking or interest, is indirectly involved in the treason against the state and it’s people and would be responsible for any national disaster. A leader or an officer by himself is nothing without the support of workers or subordinates. Now it’s a test of our conscience, whether we prefer the national interest over the personal benefit or not. If we can’t, then there is no need to cry when suffering from poverty, injustice and humiliation all around. Only those nations survive and are respected, whose people sacrifice their individual interest over the collective benefit and sort out the evils. Choice is simple. Be remembered like a rich but hated Mir Jafar or live like a nationalist but honoured like in China.

Shakil Ahmad is the President, University of W Sydney-ERP Union Journalist Intl Press, Australia. He can be reached at

  1. #1 by solangi on August 26, 2009 - 3:04 am

    Perceptions and blind ideas have no end and extent , USA has already an embassy in Islamabad and there are no such reports that USA is going to construct or establish any mega embassy in Islamabad .Pakistan is a war hit country and anti terrorism- struggle zone ; Army of 49 countries is fighting in near by country of Afghanistan . Pakistan itself has faced more than 100 suicidal attacks in last 4 years in which US citizens were also killed ,IF USA wants to reinforce its embassy and to enhance capability of safe guarding its embassy staff in Islamabad ; then there must not be any hue and cry .

    USA is not going to take over whole Pakistan; do not create chaos and panic . Mr Zardari and general kiynai are not compromising interests of Pakistan if at all USA is enhancing its diplomatic mission in Pakistan . Both are more faithful and loyal to Pakistan then any body else ; USA is our strategic ally and biggest donor . Pakistan seeks long term and strengthened relations with USA ; NRO was nor brought by USA and NRO did not help PPP and president Zardari to come into power , rather it was 18 Feb. 2008 elections results and heavy mandate by people of Pakistan who facilitated PPP and president Zardari to guide and rule Pakistan .

    President Zardari , ISI , other intelligence agencies of Pakistan are very ,much alive to situation ; remember if presence of military of 49 countries could not defeat Taliban in Afghanistan then how come 1000 or more civilian or military staff of USA in Islamabad can damage Pakistan ,a nuclear state .

    Pakistan has well defined security status and apparatus and Pakistani leadership knows how to defend itself ; If President Zardari can save swat and Malakand from Taliban and radicals then Zardari can save Pakistan from any hegemonies designs of any foreign power also

  2. #2 by Dar on August 26, 2009 - 3:47 am

    It is baseless allegation that American Embassy in Pakistan is conducting operation inside Pakistan. Stimulating people against present democratic leadership through wrong information is totally unjustified. We all know that military operation is being conducted under present government against Taliban who are enemies of Pakistan and its interest. Government has ensured its writ in Swat and other Tribal areas through military operation which have had support of whole nation. Author must realize ground realities which may be possible if he visit Pakistan. We condemn his alleged allegations on President of Pakistan. He is democratically elected president and working from people of Pakistan.

  3. #3 by Saqi on October 6, 2009 - 12:33 am

    Eye opening article

  4. #4 by ssr on October 9, 2009 - 5:52 am

    killl US out

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