How the betrayer Lover and unsuccessful Spy Became PPP’s “Closed Associate”

PPP_flagI’m unable to understand as why the news editor didn’t make heading of it. Was it important to tell that Brigadier ® Imtiaz had once saved Nuclear Assets by arresting the failed lover cum spy, whose plans became known to Mr Bila only after when his annoyed beloved felt betrayed and not as result of extra ordinary efforts by our intelligence agencies or this fact is more meritorious for heading that the spy being arrested was set freed by PPP’s first government and he later joined the party?

After reading Rauf Klasra story about the failed love story which cost the US loose her spy being hired and trained as informer about Pakistan’s nuclear assets and his subsequent arrest, I even didn’t noticed the death and life imprisonment sentence as those were obvious. I thought the man; Rafique Munshi would have been hanged.

Titled as “Brig Imtiaz reveals CIA plots”, the news story by Ansar Abbasi on Tuesday, September 01, 2009 reads; He [Brigadier Imtiaz]  claims to have foiled two American CIA plots to sabotage the country’s nuclear programme.

I am not going to discuss the second Plot of CIA. We are going to discuss here that part of story which was reported by Rauf Klasra few months back but not with such big disclosure.

The story by Rauf Klasra in the same newspaper on Thursday, May 28, 2009 informs us that Pak N-program was saved by a jilted Karachi woman.

 The story reads; 

As the nation celebrates the eleventh anniversary of Pakistan’s nuclear tests today story(May 28), a shocking 30-year-old secret has been exposed. It reveals how a young woman college lecturer, feeling betrayed after a romance with a nuclear scientist of the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP), had given a lead to the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in 1978, which in turn had led to the dramatic arrest of 12 Pakistani scientists and engineers, planning to sabotage Pakistan’s nuclear sites at the behest of a superpower.”

 It further reads;

 The startling spy ring was exposed by this female college lecturer of a Karachi Memon family to the then head of ISI Sindh Brig Imtiaz Ahmed (Operation Midnight Jackals fame), only because she wanted revenge from her lover for being unfaithful. The expose led to the arrest of Pakistani scientists who were later given death and life imprisonment sentences by the special tribunal set up by the then president General Ziaul Haq.

Actually, It was brig (retd) Imtiaz Ahmed who in Rauf Klasra’ words “broke his silence of over 30 years to share this amazing operation with The News on the eve of the 11th annual celebration of Pakistan going nuclear. He said that while many people take credit for saving our nuclear programme, no one actually knows how an unsung jilted girl had actually ended up saving Pakistan’s nuclear project out of sheer vengeance.

Here in the story by Ansar Abbasi, the source is same Brigadier Imtiaz who told him what he had shared with Rauf Klasra for his story published on 28th May 2009 except the one sentence which speaks volumes. Just to mention here, the Second part of the Ansar Abbasi’s story is about Brigadier Imtiaz’s Success in persuading the individual, “Star”, to work for Pakistan as a double agent; however there is nothing new in his story except these lines which in my views should have get place as heading;

Brigadier (Retd) Imtiaz said that he was decorated with Sitar-i-Rasalat for foiling the CIA plot. However, he said, Rafique Munshi, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, was released during Benazir Bhutto’s first government and got closely associated with the Pakistan People’s Party.”

It may be called professional inefficiency or political duress to not highlight it, the fact remains as why PPP freed a traitor and betrayer and as a worst case why PPP opened her door for such a person? I am not going to issue a verdict as why so many traitors have managed to get associated with PPP but I would certainly ask about this proven traitor and betrayal. I am also worried about the now older beloved of Munshi after all he has get freed.


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  1. #1 by Sana-ur-Rub on September 2, 2009 - 6:38 am

    well done for pointing out the real news

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  1. How a betrayer Lover and an unsuccessful Spy become PPP’s “Close Associate” | Teeth Maestro

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