US Ambassador Patterson MUST be EXPELLED

By: Ammar 

anne_patterson-thumb-260xauto-395‘You cannot tolerate vipers in your bosom without getting bitten,’ Ambassador Patterson said. ‘Our concern is whether Pakistan really controls its territory. There are people who do not threaten Pakistan but who are extremely important to us.’’

After controlled media leaks about US concerns of a Taliban ’safe-haven’ in Quetta, the US Ambassador in Pakistan has come out and spoken to the media about it. Instead of a denial of reports that the US might attack the provincial capital of Baluchistan with drones, she says the US will have to do what it has to do to take out terrorists.

Enough is enough, Ms. Patterson.  The outrage the Pakistani nation will come up with if anything as such happens will really be very painful for US interests in the region.

Ms. Patterson says several Pakistani officials have made it ‘crystal clear’ to her that the Taliban are a strategic asset to Pakistan in case the US has to withdraw from Afghanistan and the Taliban come into power; now implying that Pakistan is supporting insurgency in Pakistan or anywhere.

The United States really will never stop whining. After a major counter-insurgency operation in Swat, they still express their lack of trust over Pakistan’s ability to contain and crush terrorism.

It leads one to believe that it really is not about terrorism. It really is not about insurgencies. It is actually about the dirty US goal to destabilize and colonize Pakistan. It is about having put the Frontier province on fire and now to support anti-state elements in Baluchistan. The US wants to provide opportunities to them amongst all the mayhem that drone attacks here shall bring with them.

We also have to understand the significance of Quetta as a strategic military base of the Pakistan army. The command and staff college is situated there. And now of all times, the so called ‘Quetta Shura’ of the Taliban tops the US agenda and not Waziristan/FATA.

Will it not give confidence to anti-state elements to take-on the Pakistan army openly in the very heart of the province with US support? Will it not send a signal to them that not even the Pakistan army is secure in its own country?

I believe it is time to crush US war-hysteria in the region once and for all in Pakistan; diplomatically or militarily. Ms. Patterson has so wrongly been led to believe that she enjoys absolute authority over Pakistan and she can come and say whatever she wants to the Pakistani media. She must be told she is an Ambassador and nothing more and nothing less. She must also be told that she is an Ambassador of what every Pakistani believes is a ‘Hostile’ country.

We, I believe, should now go on the offensive and we should deliver selective strikes inside Afghanistan destroying drones and whatever equipment is to be used against Pakistan.

Ms. Patterson – Who are you to tell us we have no control over our territory? Who are you to tell us what we have to do with the insurgents inside?

I urge the Pakistan army to take strict notice of any suspicious military movement across the Pakistani border near Quetta. I urge the government of Pakistan to expel Ambassador Patterson for crossing the line one time too many.



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