Branded terrorism by Brand dictators

new-coca-cola-bottleYou may define it your way. But to me dictatorship means a system where one or group of powerful persons usurp the power of many and deprived them of their basic right to choose. 

Hence, the right of choice, guaranteed under any law, is occupied for which, sometimes, the person is terrorized in order to shut his month. If you agree with definition of dictatorship and terrorism, you will certainly agree that we all are the victim of brand terrorism.

Not so shocking, the huge media empires get their “feed” from the brands’ advertising budget which consumes a large amount on publicity compromising on the quality of product and consequently resort to means tactics.

pepsiInstead of improving their quality some known brands, especially the beverages companies, opt to deprive the consumer of right of choice by making deal with hotels and restaurants that only their brand should be sold out.

 Recently, we five office colleagues went to a restaurant “Food Centre” at burns road. Interestingly, all five persons had different choices, with no rooms for compromise on his/her choice. But the waiter literally terrorized us by informing that we have no alternative except to have Coca Cola brands beverages. When asked to bring Pepsi and Dev from the adjacent shop, the waiter refused and bluntly inform us of Bush/US type of rules followed in the restaurant, no “outsider” brand is allow to enter the premises of Hotel, no outsider food. What can one do in such circumstances except to nod his/her head as we do it when listen to any Diktat from our master US. Hence “No outside food and drink allowed” The food being served, many had no choice but rely on all time and all people’s drink, water.  

Similarly in another restaurant we were let to know that asking for COCA brand is liable to ousting from the restaurant without having our lunch.

Interesting these dictator brands are of multinational owned by west, the champion of democracy, freedom for right of expression and freedom of choice.

Isn’t it brand dictatorship and brand terrorism? I hope that all those supporting of right of choice would voice against this type of dictatorship.

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