Subscribers of the Express Tribune Compelled to buy the copy a Jewish Newspaper also;

While writing down “The Express Tribune; Mouthpiece of International Terrorists in Pakistan Launched” I hadn’t seen the print copy of the Express Tribune. Many of us may happen to read the story of a man who was selling camel but with a cat. The buyer was bound to buy a cat of 99 Riyals if he wanted to buy a camel worth Riyal one only.

The Subscription List at [“Global Edition New York Time with International Herald Tribune] clearly states the charges in Pakistan, though low, are both for The International Herald Tribune and Express Tribune. This establishes the fact that the Newspaper with the slogan of “Global Standard but Local Prospective” compels its subscribers to buy a copy of the Newspaper owned by Neo-cons. Please note that the charges for the Express Tribune are PKR-25 while the well established newspapers like Dawn, The nation and The News charge PKR15 from its subscribers. These are the market rates. Mind; this is also contrary to the strategy which the new comers mostly adopt e.g. a paper of high quality at low rates. But the express tribune with The International Herald Tribune is not costly. In fact the buyers have to pay PKR25 for the two independent Newspapers. But you can’t buy any of these two separately and that’s my point.

The PKR ten or half of the total  price is charged for The International Herald Tribune , a newspaper with Global Standard and “International” Prospective. Although the editorial page of the Express Tribune is itself biased towards left liberalism which after divorcing communism has now married to the American imperialism, best known as international terrorism, the International Herald Tribune has  two separate pages, editorial plus opinion page with writers prompting the International Prospective-American aggression as great service to humanity and resistance to it a great sin.


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  1. #1 by BL@CK DR@GON on April 29, 2010 - 2:06 am

    Has the tribune gone mad? but then again, those Pakistani newspapers which are in English are pretty much anti- religious and paksitani in their policy though they claim to be very secular nd liberal minded.
    Any way brother thank you very much for visiting my very lil research on Zaid, i will be very greatful if u can help me spread the knowledge and share that page with at least a few people.. in what ever way u like. JAZAKALLAH. I alone can not spread the awareness correctly, especially in the case when 99 percent of my contacts turned out to be blind fans of Zaid Hamid, I need as much support in spreading the facts about Zaid as i can get. Innocent Muslims really need to know the truth. JAZAKALLAH for all your support/interest once again. Take Care. ALLAHHAFIZ.

  2. #2 by nota on April 29, 2010 - 3:33 am

    “Has the tribune gone mad? but then again, those Pakistani newspapers which are in English are pretty much anti- religious and paksitani in their policy though they claim to be very secular nd liberal minded.”

    Indeed it is not madness, as your second sentence explains. And I will add here I don’t see why all this brouhaha about Express Tribune alone. Like you yourself state, all Pakistani English papers are like that. Tell me one example where they do not regurgitate the headlines verbatim from AP/Reuters/AFP — all Zionist owned. Don’t they ALWAYS accept as FACT things and present things like “Palestinian murder civilians but IDF kills militants/terrorists”; “Drones only kill militants/terrorists”; “(Another) top Al-Q leader killed”; “America is the bastion of democracy and justice”; “No Blackwater here”; etc, etc.

    And look at their columnists and you get a pretty clear picture.

    I would point you to two articles that are slowly disappearing from the net — I am not kidding — that I have reproduced that I say are A MUST READ:

    Zionist Mercenaries in Pakistan’s Secular Press

    Behind the Façade of Israel-Pakistan Rapprochement

    I promise you your time will be well-spent….

  3. #3 by ابو سعد on April 29, 2010 - 3:52 am

    I haven’t said that Pakistani English Press is doing any good job. But you will have to analyze these separately. Unlike the Express Tribune and Daily Times which are Jews venture the other newspapers like The Nation, The News and Dawn are taken over by those were socialist some two to three decades ago but now have married to western or American imperialism. Being part of the Pakistani media for the last 7 years i have found many incompetent.
    My Urdu blog “Kis Ki Khabar Per Nazar Hai” is also relevant

  4. #4 by Mehreen Kasana on May 5, 2010 - 2:48 pm

    Thank you for pointing the error out in my post “What’s In A Name?”; always good to know someone’s out there to pick out one’s flaws.

    But, I hope to God, your blog isn’t obsessed with conspiracies. It would be a shame to have another blog rant about Zionists and their ‘propagandas’.

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