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Producer of Fake Swat Video

By:  Silent Xpert , The original title of article is Flogging of Women in Sawat, Pakistan ~ Actual Facts

This article was April 16th 2009, but it seems that it is written after the news of fakeness of Video came out. Interestingly, most of the assertions in this article are proved right by the news of Fakeness.


Why a five six month old incidence of flogging a woman has been publicized by Samar Minallah, and later widely circulated around the world. It is learnt that recording from a phone camera of above event was sold to international brokers, a lottery for Samar Minallah to earn hundred thousand dollars and free publicity.

Punishment to woman was Islamic or non-Islamic; it is duty of courts and clergy to comment on the matter. Distribution and publicity of above event on such a large scale around the world have political ambitions rather human rights or women protection concerns. If you may pick today’s newspaper the statements of a particular group is witness that this political drama is based on sectarian abhorrence.

Minallah family is known crony of Mush and poses as die heart lover of Bhutto and Peoples Party. In the present circumstances when Athar Minallah played a role in restoration of Chief Justice, there he and Aitzaz Ahsan were responsible for sending CJ to the Zardari house, which was widely criticized throughout Pakistan . It is presumed that Hamid Mir of GEO TV is aware of whole conspiracy to sabotage Swat peace agreement, and he widely publicized such matter on Capital talk TV show.

It is assumed that some peoples want to disrupt peace agreement of Swat area, as it is in final course of action and lying on the table of Zardari for signature. Moreover since American’s have announcement 1.5 billion annual stipends; briskness of expected beneficiaries is on highest altitude to pose them warriors or crusaders, who are dictating Pak army to rejoin civil war.

In the last few months and in recent days a lot of human rights abuses have been reported by media but Samar Minallah did not bothered to came forward and comment on any of events such as:

                  1.   Israr ullah Zehri appointed as minister in PPP’s government

                  2.   Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani appointed as Minister of Education by PPP.

                  3.   Abdul Qayyum Jatoi was caught red handed at Cat House Islamabad, later appointed as minister by PPP.

                  4.   Altaf Hussain kicked out his wife from his home; later goons of MQM deprived her from rights and legal proceedings.

                  5.   Legislation has been passed in Afghanistan denying right of Shia women by Hamid Karazai.

                  6.   Pak army has brutally murdered hundred of women and children’s with the help of air strikes and canons at Swat and FATA areas.

                  7.   NATO is regularly killing women and children’s with the help of drone attacks.

                  8.   Hundreds of girls of Jamia Hafsa were brutally murdered, kidnapped and humiliated by Pakistan army.

                  9.   Pak army, Frontier Forces still have occupied dozens of schools in war torn areas, but no one has courage to point out that why security forces are sitting in schools. And whenever Taliban attacks on those schools then a different picture is presented.

                  10.  At Peshawar today anybody can visit and see “ Heera Mandi Street ”, no Taliban or Al Qaida ever attacked there nor did Samar Minallah ever help prostitutes to adopt any other profession. NWFP has largest market of male Prostitutes as well; titles of some of the sex business are so vulgar that peoples avoid quoting them. Crying on the name of Women protection is a political drama or means to receive aid from overseas countries. 

                  11.  There are so many hue and cries for polio vaccination, question is why Mush awarded such contracts to Agha Khanis, and same as whole education system was handed over to Agha Khan School Board. All privatized tourism hotels have been awarded to them and even 99.9% five star hotels is owned by that group.  On other hand Karakoram State and Agha Khan State is in pipe line. That was the only reason that Idi Amin kicked them out from Uganda .

All above are a few examples excluding Aafia Siddiqui case and many women who have been involved in terrorism related cases by agencies? In the month of March Zardari was involved in allowing security agencies to jump in to homes with the help of ladders to crush lawyer’s movement. It is on record that security agencies brutally humiliated protesters including women during entire movement of restoration of justice.

Athar Minallah who was crony of Mush and minister in his cabinet want to fail ANP government for the sake of making room for PPP, question is why Minallah family now abruptly started to broadcast on TV channels that Swat peace agreement has been failed and condition is for worst then civil war times? Additionally Army should continue to fight in those areas and so many other pessimistic theories could be witnessed on TV channels and papers..

Nasr Minallah who served Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as a civil servant later he was ill-treated by General Zia ul Haq due to his contacts with Bhutto. After death his wife Bilqis became MNA.  Both have four children’s Athar, Fauzia, Akmal and Samar . Their close relatives, justice Safdar Shah was the Supreme Court judge who wrote a judgment declaring Bhutto innocent of the crime for which he was ultimately hanged (a 4 to 3 majority vote in the Supreme Court).

Athar Minallah poses that he is a lover of Z A Bhutto but why he worked as a Minister in Mush Government. His storey of participation in lawyer’s movement is well known. Samar Minallah is his sister who claimed to be living at Swat since last two years but neither Taliban touched her or Al Qaeda.

There is a strong group of Afghan Northern alliance at Islamabad , who has established an Aryana Institute for Regional Research and Advocacy (AIRRA) at Islamabad funded by anti-Pakistan quarters. Their major aims and ambitions include keeping busy Pakistan army in civil war. Majority of communists and cronies of India and Russia are sitting at Islamabad for spying on Pakistan . Its office is established in a large palace at a posh area of Islamabad . Farhat Taj Andersen is their spokes person, who is a Christian convert and based at Oslo . She is a great friend of Jang group and Salman Taseer media group who usually publish her poisonous sermons based on hatred and fascist theories.

Peoples are watching helplessly to observe manoeuvres of politicians, army and bureaucracy. Those were asked to pray for peace during civil war.. Now when peace has returned to the area anarchists, fascists and groups surviving on the stipend of imperialists are trying hard to interrupt whole peace process. Restoration of judiciary which left a soft impression on global level has now been tactfully sabotaged by Samar Minallah. The video she has sold to overseas agencies is continuously running on all leading channels around globe.

It is certainly move of Mush or Zardari, who are behind Samar Minallah.


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