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For Confused “Remains of Socialism”

 Zardari is corrupt but try the main culprits who brings corrupts

Abbas Ather is a Jiyala and so is my father, but believe me I have no sympathy for this “socialist” party occupied by bourgeoisie from the day one. My father disagrees when I say the “day one” but confesses the party deviated from its ideology when BB took the charge and in his words “opened the doors for corrupt landlords and capitalists”. He always remains unrequited when I remind him that where had that “revolutionary proletarian leadership” and their Jiyalas gone when their leaders was hanged? May be they were on leave. By the way now days they are enjoying high positions in multinationals and big national groups exploiting the working class. Their only work has remained to ridicule any logics coming from the right. This is how today’s “leftist” can be described. Mr. Abbas Ather, the group editor of Daily Express can also be called one of the “remains of socialism” 

His analysis of NRO, Corruption and Zardari is must read although he has spoken “half truth. I don’t know whether the reason behind writing down this piece is to defend his president or to show mirror to those who, once, had coined special words for praising Zardari on the occasion of entering into president house.

Mr. Abbas informs us that Zardari was elected as president by more than two third of the elective representatives. Certainly they all didn’t belong to Zardari’s party. A million dollars question by Abbas Ather is as why did they vote in favor of Zardari if he was corrupt? How come at sudden they got to know that Zardari is corrupt? This senior journalist has reminded the political leadership of their support to Zardari during his election. He has mentioned the name of my favor actor, Peer-London Altaf Hussain also but has forgot to tell his readers that here in Pakistan everyone gets NOC from our military leadership and their bosses in Washington and so did Zardari. Why did our military establishment accept Zardari as president two year back? Wasn’t he corrupt then?

Abbas Ather you have done half work by penning down this article. Let’s write another one, enlightening the nation on what is the actual problem. Mir Says “Marz Barhta Gaya Joon Joon Dawa Ki” (The more it increases with its treatment) but I say it increased because of improper diagnose. First diagnose the disease, and then prescribe the medicines. To replace one corrupt with another is no remedy to the problems of Pakistan.  The problem is USA and unconstitutional role of Pakistan Army. Abbas Ather won’t suggest this remedy as these past time socialists have changed their Qibala and now they are bowing before Washington. But believe me hold free and fair elections without interference from Pak Army and USA; I assure that the parties occupied by corrupt politicians will disappear like the “horn from donkey’s head” 


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