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Lokhandwala @ Islamabad: Fake encounter to save IGP?


The incident of killing a suspected suicide bomber by police in the Federal Capital on Sunday night was actually a fake police encounter and was engineered to establish good repute of cops, TheNation reliably learnt on Monday.

The police high-ups, after the incident, had claimed to save the Capital from another devastating terrorist attack.

The sources privy to the developments informed that the deceased, a suspected suicide bomber as claimed by police, had been in the custody of police for the last couple of days and was made a scapegoat only to defuse the prevailing impression that Capital Police were incapable to prevent terrorist attacks. The sources claimed that the deceased was arrested some days ago in a police raid at a house in the outskirts of the Capital during a routine search operation.

The sources also disclosed that it might be possible that the deceased was involved in some terrorist activity or was a potential suicide bomber but he was under detention of police and shot dead in a fake encounter.

The sources also informed that there was immense pressure on Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad, Syed Kaleem Imam, from higher authorities after the consecutive three terrorist attacks on senior Army officials in the vicinity of the Capital. It is pertinent to mention here that Brigadier Moeen was shot dead as well as two other senior Army officials namely Brigadier Waqar and Brigadier Sohail were critically injured by terrorists in three different attacks.

The news of the transfer of IGP was also heard from concerned quarters after the terrorist attack on Brigadier Sohail, as the law and order situation in the City was going from bad to worse despite installation of various police pickets and barricades.

TheNation also learnt that IGP had been remained busy in the meetings for the last two days with the other top brass of Islamabad Police to defuse the immense pressure on him. A senior police officer working under the command of IGP suggested his boss to conduct a fake encounter of some suspected suicide bomber, which was acknowledged by the latter, the sources disclosed.

“Now the next was to accomplish the idea. For this, after detailed meetings with another senior police officer, Altaf Aziz Khattack, Station House Officer (SHO) Shalimar Police Station, was selected as a suitable and fit police officer to accomplish the task and thus, in this way, the script of the play was written under the guidance of IGP,” the source revealed.

After accomplishing the mission, the SHO through a private phone conveyed to the IGP that “the mission was over” and soon after that the news was disseminated to the electronic media where it was regarded as a “great achievement” of the Capital Police.

A senior doctor at PIMS on condition of anonymity told that the deceased sustained seven bullet injuries, four on head and three on arm, according to initial post-mortem report.

Another question that arises here is that all police officials were not professional shooters but still it is interesting that the four bullets hit the head of the alleged bomber and not a single one damaged the suicide jacket.

Syed Kaleem Imam, when contacted, ruled out the possibility of any fake police encounter and said it was a genuine fight and the Islamabad police acted very wisely and boldly to foil a terrorist activity and, thus, saved the residents of the City from another bloodshed. He further said that any terrorist who would try to enter the Capital would be dealt with an iron hand.


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Pakistan Allows Blood Suckers to Import Explosive

 اس گھر کو آگ لگ گئی، گھر کے چراغ سے

The above Urdu couplet tells us who to blame and who to not. Isn’t it ridiculous to blame American for our problems when our own people are bent upon destroying this country and its people? Our civil society, students, journalists and indeed some politician rightly expressed the real feeling of Pakistani society during the recent visit of Ms Clinton to Pakistan but who will educate our masses that our own people are letting blood suckers to suck the last drop of our blood? And after all they can do this as they enjoy the ‘mandate’ of majority of Pakistanis. It’s this stage where I unhappily say; “to hell with this democratic system where the illiterate majority defeats literate minority by electing the most corrupt, anti state leadership for steering the state affairs” But we still have to go along with this democratic system, as the military dictators have proved to be worst.

According to Online News Agency,  Gilani’s government has issued License to the US for importing of explosives, armed weapons by violating rules and regulations.

“Government has issued license to US embassy for the import of armed weapons and explosives by violating rules and regulation, the news reads.

According to documents available with Online the permission to import of large quantity of ammunition and explosive was granted by the Ministry of Interior while ignoring the rules and regulations.

According to a letter dated May 29, 2009 the U.S. embassy in Pakistan requested to Foreign Ministry for permission to import the ammunition, which was needed to train the Crisis Response Team. Foreign Affairs Ministry contacted ministry of interior for grant of No Objection Certificate. The ministry of interior asked the intelligence agencies for necessary security clearance but without waiting for the clearance permission to import the ammunition and explosive granted the NOC on June 29, 2009.  Former President Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf in 2003 had permitted the US embassy to set up a training center in Police Training College Sihala for the training of US embassy staff against terrorist activities but now a large area within the premises of college is in possession of U.S. trainers and restricted even for the College administration and Commandant.

For information of all concerned Pakistanis who use to raise their eyebrows after Americans being caught with arm are freed with a phone call from the ministry of interior, how can Pakistan take action against the Americans who have been allowed by our own government? Do you believe in the “statement” of Rehman Malik Dakait when he says that “No one is permitted to carry army” or the documents which permit them to violate the laws of Pakistan? This news also enlightens us that why didn’t our government take action against American for storing explosive in Sihala College, near KRL.