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Mr. Mirza! You started using foul language when it came to your own family. At Least Now Feel the miseries of common man

Zulfiqar_Mirza_500DIG East Zone Zafar Abbas Bukhari has resigned as a protest against the abusive language used by the Minister Interior Sindh when he got trapped in the traffic while he is on way with family. Yesterday the southern metropolitan city of Pakistan witnessed massive rallies and demonstration against the government inability to restore electricity and tackling the post rain situation.

It is no wonder if our rulers use abusive language but what irritated me is the fact that Mr. Minister came of out of his vehicle and order DSP present on the occasion to disperse the protesters. Police, then, resorted baton charge and tear-gas shelling to disperse protesters and clear the VVIP’s way. But what happened to common man who after spending a hectic day in offices passed through Numaesh Chaurangi on MA Jinnah Road. He has waited for hours as unluckily no VIP was passing through MA Jinnah Road. Same was the case with other Areas.

I just asked our interior minister that where does the administration disappear when a common commuter get trapped due demonstration? In such cases the administration seems to be disappeared by our agencies like the hundreds of missing persons who have been handed over to US.


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A Ridiculous Statement By The French Ambassador In Islamabad

jouanneau_image-3166a-b1a4e The statement of the French Ambassador to Pakistan published in today‘s (17th July 2009)  Jang is more than shocking. His highness Daniel Jouanneau seems to be ignorant and ill-informed about his country’s matters, his president and first lady Carla Bruni who shot to fame after the release of her nude photos-nude means nude- which were proudly auctioned and bought in the west.

Mr Daniel Jouanneau has termed Ansar Abbasi’s comments about the French lady as unacceptable. Veteran investigative reporter Ansar Abbasi while criticizing France’s  stance on Hijab,  has written in his column published in daily jang’s edition of 29th June 2009;  “Sarkozi Ki Bewi Ka Barehna Hokar Modeling Karna Magribi Maashray Mein Koi Mayoob Baat Nahen” (The nude modeling by Sarkozy’s Wife is not a bad thing in  the western society)

We would not advise his highness to research on the issue but will list here a few links of western media including Associated Press, BBC, The telegraph, Huffington Post etc which will make him literate that Ansar Abbasi has written nothing unacceptable.  The simple mention of nude pictures has made French ambassador in Islamabad upset. But this clouds the scene and makes us confused regarding the fact whether His highness has come from France? For his information French president was not upset when he came to know about the nude pictures. This is what the World’s prime news agency Associate Press informs us. Please read the bold text below;

Sarkozy Not Upset

The Associate Press reports that “Sarkozy [was] not ruffled by wife’s nude shots”.

“PARIS (AP) _ French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy says her husband Carla2was not upset when he learned of all the nude photos she did during her modeling days. Bruni-Sarkozy told Vanity Fair magazine that she gathered up her past nude shots to show President Nicolas Sarkozy early in their relationship, telling him: “You must know that this is going to come out.  “He said, ‘Oh, I like this one! Can I have a print of it?’” Bruni-Sarkozy was quoted as telling the magazine, which released an advance copy of the interview on Monday.”

“Not An Issue” Sarkozy Says;

([Nude] images of his wife in existence are tasteful he says)

The First Post reports;

 “Another nude picture from Carla Bruni‘s modelling days is expected to fetch a high price when it is auctioned next week in Berlin. It was taken in 1994 when Bruni, then 26, was at the height of her modelling fame and dating Mick Jagger.  Only 10 numbered copies of Carla Bruni in Bed exist and the 16ft by 24ft print will have a reserve price of about £3,000 when it goes under the hammer at the Villa Grisebach Auction, as part of a sale of modern and contemporary photographs on June 4.  Sarkozy is said to have “no issue” with naked photos of his wife being made public – “because he knows that the only images of his wife in existence are tasteful”, a source at the Elysee Palace told France’s news website Le Post. “Some may be nude, but she is a beautiful woman who was a model and only ever posed for pictures that had artistic merit.”

 Huffington Post Reports;

“A revealing photograph of former model and France’s current first lady Carla Bruni was bought for $19,600 by an anonymous bidder Thursday at a Berlin auction house. The image is one of 10 prints of a nude Bruni lounging in an unmade bed captured by American fashion photographer Pamela Hanson in 1994. The Villa Grisebach auction house appraised “Carla Bruni in Bed” at $3,568-$4,997 and talked to prospective buyers from as far away as Mexico, according to the house’s photography expert, Franziska Schmidt”

The Insider Reports;

“First Lady of France Carla Bruni’s nude picture will be sold at an auction in Berlin. The former supermodel’s intimate photograph, taken in 1994, will go under the hammer on June 4 at the Villa Grisebach Auction.”

 Reuters Reports;

“A nude drawing of France’s first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is being put up for auction in Paris along with pictures of strippers and pin-up girls, in the latest reminder of her steamy past as a model. A frontal nude photo of Bruni-Sarkozy, who now prefers demure poses in prim Dior dresses by the side of President Nicolas Sarkozy, already caused a stir last year and was eventually auctioned off for $91,000”

The Telegraph Reports;

“The intimate image of the 41-year-old wife of Nicolas Sarkozy was taken by Pamela Hanson, the US photographer, and shows the former supermodel lying on a bed, her body partially covered by a white sheet. Only ten numbered copies exist of the black and white print – taken in 1994 at the height of Bruni’s modelling fame when she was 26 years old and dating Mick Jagger.”

BBC Reports

 “A nude photograph of France’s first lady, Carla Bruni, has been auctioned for $91,000 (£46,098) – more than 20 times the expected price.”


If husband of first lady is not upset then the French ambassador shouldn’t be?


Our Friend China is not a Friend of Chinese Muslims

China’s record abroad is very good but at home it is more than worst. Being a friend of Muslim 20097634758978580_3countries it has put strict restriction on Uighurs Muslims of the autonomous Xingjian Province. In the name of skill labor for development of area it has outbalance the demography of the once Muslim Majority Province.  The Hun Chinese with Low birth rate as compare to Muslims were 5 percent in the 60s have now climbed up to 40 percent. How and why? The most ridiculous thing is the fact that all higher education institutions teaches in Hun language which is the language of only 40 percent. Being weak in Hun language the 45 percent Muslim Uighurs are unable to read in higher education thus they are being intentionally deprived of jobs.  


Rabiye Qadeer

2008844161247621_5 The Muslim world has kept quiet. We have witnessed massive rallies against the western [Christian and Jewish] repression of European Muslims and ban on their religious duties like Parda. But why are we silent when the communist china is doing so? We can very easily declare Rebiya Kadeer the agent of west that is what I have been reading in Pakistani press especially the Urdu Press but what about the fact being shown in these two videos? What was the crime of those being killed by the Chinese police? Was it unfair to demand investigation of their Muslim brother killed by Chinese huns? Or the same happened due to the fear by Beijing that political activism in the western Muslim part will compel Chinese communist to give more rights to the Muslim in future?

China Clamps down on Uighurs

China’s Uighurs face fasting restrictions


Dustbin Bus service; Quetta to London

There can be hardly anyone who doesn’t know about the international services like rail service 7-4-2009_45335_land air service. Especially the Bus service between India and Pakistan has been in the limelight and has got immense media coverage. Now recently the Domestic Dustbin Bus has extended its services. It now proudly calls itself as International Dustbin Service (IDS). Please my English readers forgive me for Urdu style but for your information it’s for this dustbin bus story only although the service has always been international and previously operated domestically.

 The copies answering copies of BISE Quetta were sold by a boy, Pakistan’s leading TV channel Geo News reported.

 The answering copies of FA exams, held two months ago under the Baluchistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Quetta (BISE), were sold by a boy by nine rupees per kilogram.

The owner of Roti shop Naik Muhammad tells that a boy brought those copies last month to sell them on a scrap shop but as he found scrap shop closed so I bought them from him by 9 rupees per kilogram which completely weighted 11 kilograms.

 Whereas in London there was no such boy or Tandoor Wala so the rare copy of American Declaration of Independence was thrown to the dusts in BRITAIN’S National Archive.

 The Daily Mail reports;

 The document that changed history was approved on July 4, 1776, and this is one of only 26 copies known to have survived out of 200 printed that night. The poster size proclamation is in perfect condition and is said to be worth £5million.

 The Quetta’s Examination answering paper, though, were sold just for 99 rupees were not worthless. The exams papers of BISE Quetta were solved by the students who are still waiting for the result.

The US Declaration, which helped establish the guiding principles of modern democracy, was US dewritten mainly by U.S. Founding Father Thomas Jefferson and is described by historians as ‘America’s birth certificate’. 

It is not certain how the newly discovered copy came into British hands, but it is likely to have been captured by the Royal Navy during the American Revolutionary War which continued for seven years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. The last discovery of a Dunlap print was at a flea market in 1989, and it sold at auction in 2000 for £4.94million.  Despite its value, the National Archives said it will not be selling the print, although it might be loaned to former foes in the U.S.

 To listen the excuse for throwing an important document into a dump store will laugh you all. The spokesman of National Archives cleverly says;

 ‘It’s amazing that it has been lying here for so long undetected. It just shows how many documents we have.’

But what excuse by the chairman of BISE Quetta? The rare copy of American past was thrown to the dust by a former foe British and Not Americans but who did sold the examination copies of our future? The boy? Ridiculous. The competent authority should look into the matter, point out the criminals and punish them to give out the message that “the future of our country is not less important”

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